Presence, presence it takes time to be present to practice presence requires presence it costs to be present demands sacrifice to be present steals from selfishness to be present gives to be present it feels lonely to be present I feel less alone when present Life is brighter when present and yet I fear to…

Poetica, Theologia, Musicorum

Poetica, Theoligia, Musicorum, They belong together, you see, in quorum For the act of creating Brings light to questions predating The very souls we know and think of (whom we use as inspiration in love) For, experiences now are mere shadows of the creator God The One whom we must give inordinate laud So our…

So Sweet and Delicious

I adore you, precious child of mine a love so deep I can hardly define your delicate little kisses so sweet and delicious.

Spirit and Dust

Spirit and Dust Capturing realties She is spirit Body is dust Mom is away, gone, far We are here, still here, near Longing for presence Nurture Love Admiration Respect Aching for reunion.