Adam: God’s Beloved By Henri J.M. Nouwen

I have read several of Henri Nouwen’s books, including one that I read at my mother’s bed side as she was dying, and have found immense comfort and care in his words. He speaks so honestly, humbly, and creatively about suffering and the realities of the life of a christian. He leads his readers to…

I am here

I am here, truly now, it has been months of not knowing if I would ever be found but here I am (standing!) though grief still abounds I am here, not there which in this passionate suffering is humbly profound.

Paradoxically Matched

Softly brittle paradoxically matched the dreariness of tears and the resplendency of laughter bring disjointed, harmonious delight.


Whirling, swirling, bleaching, erupting the last anguish cry of the corals remind of an eroding existence These disasters and depletions reveal a great need of restoration, yes, a form of recreation.


Terror has awakened mankind to evil it is always there (and has been) but here, afresh, we witness the horror and abject fear that we are all despicable each one, yes, me. “…as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one…” Romans 3:10

a foolish cure

“Save your own damn self” really, is that cogent or possibly true? Do you see how he, with no motive, murdered not least a few? When we don’t know what is wrong, how can we be sure that saving our “sovereign” self is not simply a foolish cure? “For by grace you have been saved…

it weeps as a child

I see the world cry it weeps as a child for cosmically it is ill and never at rest the wind howls and waters descend they ascend and deploy as tantrums to destroy it knows not what it needs, as a child never does, but groan it will continue until it’s pacified at once. “For…


Latent my soul exists in wait of sunshine to entice me out of my withered darkness, but the winter still comes, it is yet to arrive, so, despondent I remain, until spring beckons me to resurrect.

Queen BB

This painting was painted using acrylics on canvas. It signifies royalty using gold acrylic paint and the background texture creates an abstract, womb-like baby image. Queen BB is the result.

Black Lips

This is a piece I painted a while back with acrylics on a thin canvas. It is my take on Black Lips by Lora Zombie. 

Brittle Joy

This is a mixed media piece on canvas that actually uses water colors (without water) and acrylics. It creates a brittle effect at points and a more translucent look (especially on the edges).


These are two mixed media paintings I created using Acrylic paint and oil pastels on canvas. The title of this work is “Leone” which means lion (our daughter’s middle name).