the crucible

We will not always be this alive nor shall we always be this dead A certain dread descends when imagining true life, in perpetuity knowing that we must be pressed through the most costly crucible of all death (alludes us) transports us to life.

“Social Media”

The social aspect is a bit misleading, as alienation is the true intention (clandestinely) ostracized, chastised, brutalized “for sake of community” the desire to make it my peace breaks down into a desperate and egregious nightmare THERE IS NO PEACE HERE.

No show

no show no, show. presence is needed to make this worth it yet, no showing (no kidding) brings elation, even as disappointment shrouds this subtle joy, for in absence, discipline diminishes defeat lords eagerness wanes laziness paralyzes the desire to learn is for a brief time, vanquished.

More Sketches

  1st painting inspired by Tiffany Wong 2nd Painting inspired by El Museo Studio

Advent Print

“Peace” font with wreath. Made using alcohol markers and permanent markers. (Sorry for the dirty picture frame…Cecilia had some smudgy hands) 😉  


I copied a piece by El Museo studio with watercolor and permanent marker.


mixed media on sketch paper


mixed media on cardboard.