Contend with me to be content in future dreams and mundane wishes the consistent abstinence of indulging in lavishness and fretfulness demands sobriety in perpetuity (Lord help me)


Recount the deeds of Him for there are many The culmination of this weeping and shedding is not annihilation nor is it persistent disconsolation but a spiral a cycle of desperation and gladness of melancholy and comfort of woefulness and conviviality the way is not without infirmity but the future is not without delight.

or not

The fear of doing this to her led me to tremble and mourn for I longed to control the outcomes to run far from cruel irony and facilitate smooth maturation without trauma or casualty But what I neglected to consider was the faithfulness maintained and sustained in my ruin has depicted a path towards restoration…


Unfulfillment fuels deep resentment for being shaped to sacrifice Forsaken; you must nurture others and never the self Guilt and shame well up for being perceived to be running away from them towards self, or so it seems, and forcefully expected to fulfill the only role you may do The only role You can do…


Presence, presence it takes time to be present to practice presence requires presence it costs to be present demands sacrifice to be present steals from selfishness to be present gives to be present it feels lonely to be present I feel less alone when present Life is brighter when present and yet I fear to…


Watercolor cactus 🙂  

Old Art and Workspace

Drew this probably around a year ago with oil pastels and wanted to share! I copied it from a picture I found online (can’t remember which one!) and was trying to work on shading…so tricky!   Also wanted to share my working space. Love the light that shines through during the mornings and early afternoon…

New Art!

A few artists that I was inspired by with these paintings are: Kate Roebuck Studio Tiffany Wong Art SticksandInk Mobellarusso Art El Museo Studio Sally King Benedict Faces

the crucible

We will not always be this alive nor shall we always be this dead A certain dread descends when imagining true life, in perpetuity knowing that we must be pressed through the most costly crucible of all death (alludes us) transports us to life.

“Social Media”

The social aspect is a bit misleading, as alienation is the true intention (clandestinely) ostracized, chastised, brutalized “for sake of community” the desire to make it my peace breaks down into a desperate and egregious nightmare THERE IS NO PEACE HERE.