Suzuki Book 1 Lyrics

Here’s lyrics for Suzuki Book 1 to sing along at home! These tunes can help you learn and memorize the melody at home as you listen to the CD so that you can quickly learn new songs on your violin!

Education as Formation


New Studio Website!

My Rondeau Music Studio website is going through an overhaul! You can check out our new (in progress) website here. This website, will now be dedicated to the blog posts for my studio and personal studies. I hope that you enjoy these new changes!

Memorization Tips

I love having my students perform by memory. It’s scary and so empowering for them to be able to not only perform in front of others and overcome their stage fright, but to also do it by memory! Playing by memory eliminates the robotic, mechanical, and visual component of playing your instrument. If you take…

Summer Music Camps

For any elementary aged and high school students interested in being challenged this summer in their musicianship (particularly when I’m on maternity leave), check out some music camps below: Wheaton’s Summer Music Camp at Wheaton College. Learn more here!  Check out the Turtle Creek Chamber Orchestra’s Summer Youth Camp in Janesville, Wisconsin here. The camp is for…

Online Music Resources

The Mattix Music Studio in Western Springs, IL has some really helpful online music resources to check out for your practice time at home! Check out all the resources here.

Charlotte Mason: Daily Music Learning at Home

Some friends of ours are in the process of starting a Christ-centered classical school on the West Side of Chicago/Oak Park area. On Sunday, they had a formal meeting with a guest speaker  from the Oaks School in Indianappolis, Indiana. This woman who spoke has studied the Charlotte Mason Classical School Philosophy and has applied…

The Value of Performance Classes

“Building confidence in the performing environment is key. This, of course, starts with technical assurance. If a student knows that passages are technically beyond them, they will leave themselves open to stress. Nerves are often caused by a student thinking too much about how they feel. This is the wrong focus: instead, the performer should…

Detache Bowings: All The Strings Article

All violinists yearn for a smooth, clear tone. Beginners often have a hard time producing a nice, clean tone because there are so many factors to be thinking through as a beginner. The beginner has to constantly think about feet positioning, left arm posture, right bow arm posture, left wrist out, straight bows, correct bow…

Summer Festivals in Chicago!

Are you looking for something fun to do with your family over this summer? Then check out  this Thrillist page that has ALL of the summer festivals taking place in Chicago in one calendar. My husband and I just went to a FREE Andrew Belle and Birds of Chicago concert in Millennium Park on Monday evening, which was part…