She is Who She Was

Beholding the sunset The mountains of her youth The apex of her days Filled with gladness And wonder She is who she was Though the eyes who behold her Negate her Shared unity Shared humanity Unnamed by her heirs: “She’s no longer here.”


We neglect you (forsake you) in seeking our perfection in seeking our comfort we dull even passersby to the lustrous beauty hidden in secret this light is entombed and tedium erodes the lovely, transcendent curiosity of who you are that was once the telos of this life together you are the life still, we bore…

Advent Print

“Peace” font with wreath. Made using alcohol markers and permanent markers. (Sorry for the dirty picture frame…Cecilia had some smudgy hands) 😉  

do you deceive?

Do you deceive as though we are fools? If that were so, a slippery slope we would plunge for perspicuity seeming obvious is a fundamentalist’s cry an enlightened mind would dare not utter but you said you made and sustained and raised and more, saved. were that not true and you betrayed us, we are…


At a conference this past week in Chicago, we sang the “Triasgion” together corporately, led by the Chicago Liturgists. I had never known of this ancient prayer, but was thankful that Fernando Ortega arranged a simple melody with the original text; it is particularly meditative, beautiful, and calls the listener to sing, participate, and worship…

Adam: God’s Beloved By Henri J.M. Nouwen

I have read several of Henri Nouwen’s books, including one that I read at my mother’s bed side as she was dying, and have found immense comfort and care in his words. He speaks so honestly, humbly, and creatively about suffering and the realities of the life of a christian. He leads his readers to…


Terror has awakened mankind to evil it is always there (and has been) but here, afresh, we witness the horror and abject fear that we are all despicable each one, yes, me. “…as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one…” Romans 3:10

a foolish cure

“Save your own damn self” really, is that cogent or possibly true? Do you see how he, with no motive, murdered not least a few? When we don’t know what is wrong, how can we be sure that saving our “sovereign” self is not simply a foolish cure? “For by grace you have been saved…

The Gospel Bleeds Hope

Yet though we kill and are killed, the gospel bleeds hope. it bursts forth in healing in the midst of our violence. The murdered God, killed by you, brings life in death; a paradox of love and despair given to satiate and silence our blood lust.