Jupiter from Holst’s “The Planets”

This suite movement is one of my favorite orchestral pieces. It is both out of this world sounding (hence the name “Jupiter”), but also takes on a wild-west mood that sounds almost like the soundtrack to a covered wagon excursion in the 1800’s (to my ears and imagination!). It has such familiar themes and includes the…

Andrew Bird: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Andrew Bird takes violin playing to another level. With his classical background, he plays with such creativity and brilliance. His whistling, singing, strumming, and playing are all so unique and enjoyable. For me, I have learned how big and deliciously creative the world of violin can be with artists like Andrew Bird. Enjoy!

Desiring the Kingdom

“And the rigors and pleasures of musical creation attest to our vocation as subcreators. In short, music and song seem to stand as packed microcosms of what it means to be human. How appropriate, then, for song to be such a primary means for reordering our desires in the context of Christian worship.” James K.A….

Leia Zhu: Young Violinist with an Amazing Imagination

I came across this violinist (as I’m sure, MANY people have) yesterday and have been amazed by the talent of such a young girl. The violinist’s name is Leia Zhu and she’s 10 years old. She’s playing the Paganini Violin Concerto and giving the context, practice advice, and interpretation in these two separate videos. I’m…

Downloadable Practice Charts

Struggling to get your student to practice? Here are some helpful printable practice charts (and a few theory worksheets) for your family to use for lessons! Developing the discipline to practice (even when you don’t want to!) is an important skill to acquire as a musician. Also, you can check out their blog here, which…

Suzuki Book 1 Lyrics

Here’s lyrics for Suzuki Book 1 to sing along at home! These tunes can help you learn and memorize the melody at home as you listen to the CD so that you can quickly learn new songs on your violin!

Education as Formation


New Studio Website!

My Rondeau Music Studio website is going through an overhaul! You can check out our new (in progress) website here. This website, annemarierondeau.com will now be dedicated to the blog posts for my studio and personal studies. I hope that you enjoy these new changes!

Memorization Tips

I love having my students perform by memory. It’s scary and so empowering for them to be able to not only perform in front of others and overcome their stage fright, but to also do it by memory! Playing by memory eliminates the robotic, mechanical, and visual component of playing your instrument. If you take…