No show

no show no, show. presence is needed to make this worth it yet, no showing (no kidding) brings elation, even as disappointment shrouds this subtle joy, for in absence, discipline diminishes defeat lords eagerness wanes laziness paralyzes the desire to learn is for a brief time, vanquished.

Chance the Rapper

This NPR Tiny Desk concert performance by Chance the Rapper is extroindary. His poetry is beautiful and the Stevie Wonder song he sings at the end, “They Won’t Go when I Go” is breathtaking and sorrowful.

What is My Only Comfort in Life and in Death?

I had written previously about catechism resources, and it wasn’t until my mom died and we read the first question and answer from the Heidelberg Catechism corporately at the graveside service that I realized this is what catechisms are for. The theology we have studied for years and years as children and teenagers prepare us…

Christians Sing: The Necessity of Thoughtful Corporate Worship

In our modern evangelical church culture, we have both an inflated view of congregational singing and a truncated view. Our liturgies are often bombarded with a liturgy of greeting, announcements, song, song, song, song, sermon, song, benediction. This repetitiveness of singing inflates the occurrence of corporate singing but often diminishes the theological depth that music…

Jupiter from Holst’s “The Planets”

This suite movement is one of my favorite orchestral pieces. It is both out of this world sounding (hence the name “Jupiter”), but also takes on a wild-west mood that sounds almost like the soundtrack to a covered wagon excursion in the 1800’s (to my ears and imagination!). It has such familiar themes and includes the…

Songs for Family Discipleship

Songs from the New City Catechism a. Information about the New City Catechism Songs   Getty Children’s Hymnal   Rain For Roots 1. The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This 2. Big Stories for Little Ones 3. Waiting Songs (Advent)

Catechisms for Family Discipleship

I will hopefully be writing more on catechisms in the next year and their place in family discipleship, but in the meantime, here are some resources in various Reformed and Lutheran denominational traditions for your families: Luther’s Small Catechism (Lutheran Church) Heidelberg Catechism (Christian Reformed Church) Westminster Shorter Catechism (Presbyterian Church) New City Catechism (Combination of various Reformed Catechisms) (Now…

Education as Formation