Watercolor cactus 🙂  

Old Art and Workspace

Drew this probably around a year ago with oil pastels and wanted to share! I copied it from a picture I found online (can’t remember which one!) and was trying to work on shading…so tricky!   Also wanted to share my working space. Love the light that shines through during the mornings and early afternoon…

New Art!

A few artists that I was inspired by with these paintings are: Kate Roebuck Studio Tiffany Wong Art SticksandInk Mobellarusso Art El Museo Studio Sally King Benedict Faces

More Sketches

  1st painting inspired by Tiffany Wong 2nd Painting inspired by El Museo Studio

Advent Print

“Peace” font with wreath. Made using alcohol markers and permanent markers. (Sorry for the dirty picture frame…Cecilia had some smudgy hands) 😉  


I copied a piece by El Museo studio with watercolor and permanent marker.


mixed media on sketch paper

Queen BB

This painting was painted using acrylics on canvas. It signifies royalty using gold acrylic paint and the background texture creates an abstract, womb-like baby image. Queen BB is the result.