You were here

You were here
I seem to misunderstand
or, desire to shield myself from the truth
that you were present
in our birth and crying
nursing and nurturing
our trips and fights
our delights and sorrows
our moving and staying
you were always here
until you disappeared
from our eyes
never to see your gentle, amiable smile greeting everyone with loving sanctuary
from our ears
never to hear your present and delightful laugh that rang in our homes daily
from our touch
never to feel your grasping hugs full of comfort, warmth, and safety
from our scent
never to come home from far away to the scent of your delicacies at Thanksgiving
from our lips
they still speak of who you were
but we whisper your name,
for fear of spiraling again in grievous despair due to your absence.
and though it is easier and less afflicting to forget you abided in our life
I, we, must remember…
you were here.