Out of control
and out of our minds
the world seems
and so do I

The hatred
the bitterness
it’s disgusting
and frivolous

Yet, it’s there
and more there
and beyond repair
it seems

Though, this insanity has a name
and a reconciler has already came
to unite and heal
and chastise and seal
those destined for darkness
replaced from this mess
to be brought up
and carried out
from this pit of death
and hate
to be changed and remade
to facilitate
the love and beauty of togetherness and unity
not simply to be kind,
but to live out the new mind
as one formed by the image of Him.

Our insanity and hatred
though often still there,
is morphed and reformed
into his fatherly care
until soon, soon I say!
He will wipe every tear and defiled thought away
then indeed the chaos will cease
and we will finally be at peace.

This poem was inspired by the disturbing and racist events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. May we pray for God to change the hearts and minds of these men and women who are foolishly fighting for racial superiority and that they may repent of their wrong-doing. May we, as the church, be facilitators of care, peace and unity through Jesus Christ in the midst of a chaotic and sinful world.  May we continually seek repentance for our own chaotic heart that it may be conformed to Christ.