“Without Luther, There Would be No Bach”: TGC Article

The reformers had a tremendous impact not only on the church’s theological views, but on many other facets of ordinary life throughout the centuries. Luther’s 95 Theses gave way to the value of what was known as “secular” vocations, that were at the time deemed as “lesser than” by culture.  This Gospel Coalition article (below) really is wonderful in showing how the Magesterial Reformation brought way to J.S. Bach’s views of music and composition, that are to the end of  “(1) the glorification of God and (2) the refreshment of the spirit.” Thus, he signed all of his church music and most of his secular music with the letters “S.D.G.”—Soli Deo Gloria, Glory to God Alone.” The Reformed view of ordinary life and vocation gives way to meaning in our everyday work and lets us participate in God’s kingdom work.

When we work, we are, as those in the Lutheran tradition often put it, the “fingers of God,” the agents of his providential love for others. This understanding elevates the purpose of work from making a living to loving our neighbor.

-Tim Keller

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