A Discussion on Rosin

I had a student this week ask me what Rosin was, and what it was made of. Though I knew it was made of tree sap, I realized that I didn’t know much about the making of rosin. Rosin is one of the most important accessories for violinsts (and violists–we won’t leave them out), because rosin provides traction for the bow to glide on the violin’s strings. I found some really helpful resources the making of rosin (with pictures!), what rosin to choose when starting, what the difference is between light and dark rosin, and more! Check out these links below.

What is Rosin, and How do you use it?

Sticky Business: How Rosin Is Made

The Differences Between Dark and Amber Rosin

How to Select Rosin

Bakers Rosin (Product)

Shar Music Rosins (Products)

“No matter which rosin you choose, use it sparingly. ‘A lot of people use way too much rosin—you don’t really need to apply rosin each time you play; once every four or five times is more than enough. If you need to rosin so often, your bow probably needs a good rehair,'” says Ward.