Need a workout for your brain? Try Music Lessons

This Washington Post Article presents NIH Research, (The National Institute of Health) which helps parents remember why it is that they are sending their children to music lessons. This article states, “Everyone in our culture knows if I lift 5-pound, 10-pound, 15-pound weights, my biceps will get bigger. The same is true for the brain. We shouldn’t be surprised we can train the brain.” Music training provides brain development, very similar to the muscle development we acquire during exercise workouts. This is not only true in young children, but people of all ages. This is why starting a musical instrument even later in life is a great way to develop your brain muscles. Though, the article ends hilariously by saying this, “He [The Psychiatrist] believes the viola lessons  contribute to his overall wellness. They have not, however, contributed much to his overall playing ability — at least not yet. The sanguine psychiatrist had just one word for his viola skills: “Horrible.”


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