Why Group Music Classes?

This year I will be starting to teach supplemental group Strings Classes. Group classes are fantastic for students who are already taking private music lessons because they help reinforce many skills that the student would not otherwise develop! When I started my violin lessons years ago, I was put into a group strings orchestra and participated in this orchestra class weekly. It helped develop my performance skills, ability to focus on my individual part, while also listening to the parts around me, and really helped me to begin to fall in love with collaborative music early on.

I found this helpful little article from a music school in Washington called The Aspire Academy of Expressive Arts that sums up the helpfulness of group classes for violin students of all ages. I copied their article below.

If you are interested in Group Strings Classes, please contact me for more information! 

Why Group Music Lessons?

Our music classes are primarily offered in a group format.  We have been teaching in groups for many years and our students have found great success and satisfaction in the group learning environment.  We find groups especially successful for several reasons.

  • First, learning music through observation is proven to enhance learning.  Students who are able to observe other students learning have an opportunity to process the information and they find they learn more easily.
  • Groups also provide positive peer pressure.  A group becomes a comfortable place to be and students like to keep up with their group.  They tend to motivate each other and move much more quickly and consistently than private students.
  • Students in groups regularly play music in front of others which reduces the fear of playing in public.  The vast majority of our students enjoy playing with and for other people.  We also provide opportunities for our students to play with other musicians for musical development and pleasure.
  • Students in groups contribute to each other’s learning as they share how they “see” or understand the music and thus enhance their own learning.
  • Our groups are enjoyable.  We have a great time with our students and everyone looks forward to their lessons.
  • Students in groups tend to stay in lessons much longer because of the relationships that develop around music.  This is especially important because the longer you are in lessons, the more likely you are to retain music as a life long companion!

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