This grief is blooming Blossoming, growing The ash from the refining fire Has given way to rich earth Breeding and sustaining life The scent and vivacity of such lusciousness Has been a blessed reminder That sorrow indeed singes and burns Yet, the beauty born from these wounds Is far more resilient and delightful. For though…

you are my lion, Leone

You are my lion, Leone fierce stately your sharp aggression melts in soft kisses your fearsome growl roars to fits of laughter your boldness, I pray remains loyal to the Lion after whom you are named my cub, remain with this Lion steadfast immovable grounded in your name my child My child you are My…

I need you, too

You need me (I say) as you walk away I desire to tether you to me for you are proceeding alone rarely needing asking receiving I wait… arms extended continually for that moment that surprises us all when in mutuality we need each other (I need you, too)


We neglect you (forsake you) in seeking our perfection in seeking our comfort we dull even passersby to the lustrous beauty hidden in secret this light is entombed and tedium erodes the lovely, transcendent curiosity of who you are that was once the telos of this life together you are the life still, we bore…


Cyclical union with Christ my life in yours in mine again. my fears wrapped in your arms, kissed dignified and adorned in mercy and empathic comprehension you know. mystical oneness this joy of indivisibility joined for eternity.

I am you

Where will my mind go? In this temporarily able body I dread forgetting you For I know retrospection is fleeting but you remind me profoundly I am you.


Are you aware of the brilliance within?


Contend with me to be content in future dreams and mundane wishes the consistent abstinence of indulging in lavishness and fretfulness demands sobriety in perpetuity (Lord help me)


Recount the deeds of Him for there are many The culmination of this weeping and shedding is not annihilation nor is it persistent disconsolation but a spiral a cycle of desperation and gladness of melancholy and comfort of woefulness and conviviality the way is not without infirmity but the future is not without delight.

or not

The fear of doing this to her led me to tremble and mourn for I longed to control the outcomes to run far from cruel irony and facilitate smooth maturation without trauma or casualty But what I neglected to consider was the faithfulness maintained and sustained in my ruin has depicted a path towards restoration…


Unfulfillment fuels deep resentment for being shaped to sacrifice Forsaken; you must nurture others and never the self Guilt and shame well up for being perceived to be running away from them towards self, or so it seems, and forcefully expected to fulfill the only role you may do The only role You can do…


Presence, presence it takes time to be present to practice presence requires presence it costs to be present demands sacrifice to be present steals from selfishness to be present gives to be present it feels lonely to be present I feel less alone when present Life is brighter when present and yet I fear to…